Swastika-like symbol on antique lightpoles concerned neighbors, shoppers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Residents have become concerned over six light posts at the White Oaks Plaza shopping center that look as if they are adorned with swastika symbols.

23ABC received an email from a local viewer who was surprised when she noticed the light posts over the weekend.

Businesses at the shopping center have notice the symbols as well.

"Last year when they repainted them it was the first thing I noticed..they looked like swastikas," said Pamela Clugston who works at Liberty Tax in the shopping center.

Although after much research Clugston found out that they were not Nazi related.

"It's actually a reverse of the swastika" Clugston said.

Potter McKinney Property management, who owns the shopping center, bought the light posts about 25 years ago from the city of Glendale.

"They are antiques and look really nice," said Bill Potter with the property management company.

Potter explained that what looks to be swatikas at a first glance are actually a symbol related with the Native American culture.

The symbol is widely used in the Native American, Hindu and Buddhist culture.


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