Swearengin sentenced, apologizes to family

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Sheriff's deputy who hit and killed two people with his patrol car three years ago made his final appearance in court and also made an apology to the families.

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"As a father myself, I grieve for the children that lost a parent..I hope the families will know that it was never my intention to hurt anyone that night nor ever in my life," Swearengin states in his apology.

In a deal reached with the DA's office, deputy John Swearengin plead no contest to a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter.

Swearengin was sentenced to 480 hours of community service and 3 years of probation. He will have to pay $470, and restitution to the families, but that amount has not been determined yet by the probation office.

"He is satisfied with the outcome, but at the same time is extremely remorseful and he knows he's going to have to live with this pain forever," said David A. Torres, the criminal defense attorney.

Family and friends were there to here the sentencing.

"No justice, no peace," said Mystery Clevenger, best friend of Chrystal Jolley. "He should be in jail, he was man enough to do the crime, he ought to be man enough to do the time."

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