Sweet Surrender celebrates 25 years since first opening its doors

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Sweet Surrender celebrated it's 25th Birthday today with a party at the store near Ming Avenue and Ashe Road.

The boutique bakery invited the public out to celebrate with a cake walk, face painting, and cake for everyone to enjoy.

"When we first started 25 years ago, there were two of us," said owner Kim Fiorini. "I was the janitor, I was the bookkeeper, I was the baker, I was the basket maker."

Fiorini's staff has now grown to 30 people that help her keep the sweet shop up and running.

"The sweets are out of this world," said Brad Ferris.

Sweet Surrender's cakes have gained national attention, being featured on The Food Network and twice in Oprah Magazine.

Pat Brumback first tried a slice of cake from Sweet Surrender more than two decades ago and she has been a customer ever since.

"The Italian cake is my very favorite," said Brumback. "I come over and I buy a piece of cake, take it home and make my husband split it with me, otherwise I'd eat the whole cake."

Fiorini says she has always wanted to make her store feel like an extension of her home.

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