Swimming pool brings Oildale family cool comfort and plenty of dangers

Filter causing concerns for family

Buying a pool for the backyard may be an ideal plan to keep cool, but it can also bring on a few dangers.

An Oildale family is dealing with faulty equipment that may just ruin their summer.

Ed Walton spent the last few months saving up money just to buy his family a new swimming pool.

"We paid for a working pool with a working filter system," he said.

Walton installed the pool and after spending a few warm days enjoying it, he ran into a problem with the filter.

"We had no idea this could turn out to be an issue," said Walton.

The device melted, causing a short in the system.

"How safe are these really?  Especially this one, it’s mounted on the ground.  Water gets splashed on there while its plugged in.  If something shorts, what happens?" he said.

Managers at the retail store Walton bought the swimming pool from said he couldn't return it there, instead he had to call the manufacture.

"Our biggest concern is while they are swimming, the motor shorts out and sends an electric current through the system through the water and electrocutes our kids," said Walton.

Walton called the company and filled out a claim.  Representatives promised to send back a new filter, but didn't say exactly when he would get it.

"Heart breaking.  It's too hot out here to be safe in a cool down system," said Walton.

In the meantime, Walton is making other plans for the family as temperatures continue to warm up.

"Our kids kept asking, are we going to get electrocuted? Will we be okay? We told them, we won't have it plugged in while you guys are swimming. Don't worry about that.  There other question is well, when we get the new one is it going to do the same thing?" he said.

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