Taft High students head back to school Tuesday for the first time since last week's shooting

TAFT, Calif. - Tuesday morning Taft high students will head back to school for the first time since last Thursday's brutal shooting, according to the school's website.

23ABC spoke with students, at a weekend prayer vigil for classmate Bowe Cleveland, about what heading back to school will be like.

Taft High junior Seth Faagau explained, "I'm going to be strong."

Some parents said they're still concerned with school safety after deputies said 16-year-old Bryan Oliver managed to slip into a packed classroom with a loaded shotgun and opened fire.

Brandy Lytle, a Taft Elementary parent, said, "I don't think the high school is as secure as it should've been. I think the door should've been locked once school started so the little kid couldn't have even gotten back in with a gun."

As the small Taft community continues to struggle with the shooting, some believe moving forward is the best way to start the healing process.

Taft Elementary parent Albert Espinoza said, "we have to go on, we can't let things like this stop us from living our lives."

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