Taft Union High School supports Sparks Middle School with cards, both schools experienced shootings

TAFT, Calif. - The recent school shooting in Nevada has caused some students at Taft Union High School to relive the moments when their school was under siege.

23ABC spoke to several students during their lunch break on Wednesday about the incident in Nevada and how the last 9 months has been for them since their school shooting.

"Its been a rough year for us but with all the community support we received we are recovering just fine after our tragedy," said Sydney Gardner, high school student.

Last January, A 16-year-old student, from Taft Union High School armed with a shotgun walked into class and shot another student, critically injured in him.

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Earlier this week, a 13 year old student at Sparks Middle School in Nevada opened fire on campus, wounding two students and killing a teacher.

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"That sucks, because we dealt with almost the same thing. So I know how they're feeling at that school, the same way we felt," said Triston White, a student.

The Taft Union High School District has reached out to the school in Nevada offering their support.

The Taft Union High School Superintendent sent an email to the superintendent at Sparks School District offering their assistance by providing phone numbers of staff members.

Students at Taft Union High School tell 23 ABC that after the shooting in Taft, they received cards and letters from schools all across the United States offering their support.

"We all gathered in the quad on Tuesday and signed card of condolence to that school. I hope it helps them the way all the support we received helped us," said Amber Jensen.


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