Talk show radio host Ralph Bailey quits show

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Talk show host Ralph Bailey has quit his show.

A quick search through 1560 KNZR's website and it appears the station has removed all instances of Bailey from their website show lineup, though a photo of him still remains.

Bailey posted on his Facebook saying:

"It was with a heavy heart that I tendered my resignation to Buckley Radio today. However, future opportunities and challenges make it virtually impossible not to seek out new adventures. I would like to thank Steve Darnell, Kathy Baker and posthumously Rick Buckley. To my colleagues, I hope I was a team player who made the station and the client top priority and someone who grasped the concept of pulling on one side of the rope. To my sponsors, I hope I played a small role in your success and thank you for your support! And to my listeners, (and you know I'm blubbering like a baby, by now) you gave me a voice in this community! I pray you will travel with me wherever I go!!! Thank you all!! It's been an incredible ride!!!!"

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