Technological devices are putting a damper on personal relationships

People averagely check their phone every 6 minutes


Technology was meant to make our lives more convenient and more efficient but essentially it has started to make human interaction more dull. 

Relationship therapist David Riess said that people on average check their cell phones every six to seven minutes, and face to face emotion is being taken over by the need to feel important through a text message. 

"The traditional family sitting around a table and talking doesn't really exist anymore. In some ways it’s become easier to text message," Riess added. 

One of the biggest factors missing while communicating through technology is emotion. Although most devises like smart phones have "emoticons" the real emotion cannot be relayed. 

"We experience a virtual emotions but it's not real," Riess said. 

When 23ABC reached out on Facebook some people said it's easier to express true feelings in a text. 

One viewer, Lisa Martinez, said technology can be positive for relationships. Martinez added that sometimes people are too shy and uncomfortable to communicate their feelings in person; texting allows them to say what they really feel.

But, others said people can often misread intentions a text, and that face to face conversation has lost all meaning.

There are several opportunities for miscommunication through text messages and Facebook posts because a typed message cannot visually portray emotion. The message can therefore be read a number of ways and be taken the wrong way causing an issue in a relationship.  

Technology is normally used to make communicating quicker but Anthony Lee feels it can change a meaningful conversation.

"Most communication is about a bunch a crap, there's no significance, it's not inspiring, it doesn't uplift you, it's a bunch of garbage that people are talking about," Lee said.

Lee's best advice is to slow down and when able choose to talk to your friends and loved ones face to face. 

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