Teen Challenge helps young addicts overcome drug abuse and pay it forward

City rehab hosts fundraiser Saturday

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Most people use almost anything as an excuse for their addiction. “I was raised in a broken home,” Skye Miller said.

But Skye Miller, 19, decided to change her life and get away from the drugs and jail time. Miller said an old friend she used to party with came back to town transformed. “One day she just shows up after a year completely different person, amazing... You could see the change,” Miller said.

Miller has completed five months of a year-long program with Teen Challenge and says she already sees herself changing. “The old Skye isn't even alive anymore. I gave myself over to the Lord and little by little he's changed me,” Miller said.

She says people who donate to Teen Challenge also saved her life which is the mission of the program. They take teens off the street who have nothing and give them shelter, food and a bed to sleep on.

A program like this does not come cheap, one former addict said the program costs roughly $15,000 per student.

To keep up with the costly demands of the program, Teen Challenge had their first Christmas in July Fundraiser Saturday morning.

The spirit of giving does not end with the teens in the program, Miller hopes to pay it forward, “I would like to go back to Fresno and be the light there.”

Miller also hopes to return after she completes the program and be an apprentice to help others overcome the same obstacles she did.

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