Tehachapi Hospital employees upset over recent staffing cuts

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - Some Tehachapi Hospital employees are upset over recent staffing cuts. They decided to speak out for their hospital, their patients and the community at a board meeting Wednesday night.

Radiologic Technologist Mary Whitlach and Registered Nurse Rebecca Mateiro told 23ABC more than a dozen people have been laid off in several different departments.

"There have been cuts in environmental services, janitors, food preparation, nursing and radiology," said Mateiro.

The women told 23ABC the cuts were just dropped on them and no one has an explanation.

"They're being made and we don't know when they're going to stop," said Whitlach.

Employees say no one is holding the board accountable for its actions, and now the new hospital even is in limbo.

"I think if the hospital continues to go the way it is going financially and there is no accountability for finances then we will never see a new hospital built and always have this tiny hospital," said Mateiro.

Evan Rayner, who has been serving as the Interim CEO of the hospital, told 23ABC the cuts were made because the hospital is overstaffed based on industry standards for hospitals the same size.

Rayner also told 23ABC that the concrete contractor for the new hospital has been let go, further delaying the hospital's completion. The new completion date is expected to be sometime in July 2016.


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