Tehachapi Police investigate pit bull attack that killed a family horse

Dogs are now in the custody of Animal Control

TEHACHAPI, Calif. -  

Authorities in Tehachapi are investigating an attack involving a pit bull they say killed a miniature horse.  The incident happened Sunday morning with children staying in a home close by.


The vicious attack on the family's pet horse couldn't have come at a worse time.


Roxanne Borgna has spent years raising horses in her Tehachapi home. 


"They're my family," she said.


Borgna has the horses in a secure spot to keep intruders away, but somehow two pit bulls owned by a front door neighbor made their way onto her property.


"I've seen the two pit bulls and I looked down and I yelled ‘Oh my God, they got my little horse and about then, the grey pit bull turned around and started growling at me and coming towards me," she said.


After calling police, Borgna fired a gun to scare the dogs away, but it was too late.


The dogs not only killed the family's 15 year-old miniature horse, Piper, but also attacked their other livestock.


"It’s heart breaking," said Shirley Toler, Borgna’s daughter who grew up with the horses and often used them for therapy as she battles with a brain tumor.


"This is big, financially, emotionally, mentally, everything.  He was a big part of our family," she continues.


The pit bulls raised a lot of safety concerns for neighbors who often have small children visiting next door. "it's really sad and scary because my kids were out playing and if they were out any earlier, the dogs could of attacked them," said Elizabeth Gonzalez who’s family lives next door.


Owners used a heavy chain with a pad lock as a collar for the dogs that are now in the custody of animal control. We attempted to speak to the pit bull owners who didn't want to appear on camera, but say their also shocked over the incident. 


"It's really sad and I know the neighbors are sad, too," said the woman who lives in front of the home.


She says her son is the actual owner of the pit bulls and the dogs are normally kept inside.


Authorities say this investigation is on-going.

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