Tehachapi pool shut down for health and safety reasons

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - One pool for an entire city, but this summer the pool in Tehachapi is shut down.

The Dye Natatorium has been open to people in Tehachapi for decades. It is home to the youth swim team, The Barracudas and it's used for several water programs.

“I definitely think it's a community resource we all love and enjoy but I have to commend our Parks and Recreation Department because they absolutely did the right thing,” said Lisa Gilbert, Superintendent for Tehachapi Unified School District.

Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District recently decided to close the pool after discovering mold inside. District Manager Matt Young also told 23ABC the building is old and needs remodeling.

“We had several areas inside the pool that have needed updating for some time and we've decided that now is appropriate time to fix that due to health and safety reasons,” said Young.

Young admitted summer was the worst time to close, but said safety is their number one priority.

“Our take on is that as a long as we’re protecting the public we’re willing to compromise some of our programs to ensure the safety and come back bigger and better than ever.”

But, Tammy Wallace told 23ABC there aren’t many options until then.

“I could not believe it because when my grandkids come out from Colorado they stay weeks with us and we take them to the pool so now I don’t know what I’m going to do with them,” said Tehachapi Resident Tammy Wallace.

Wallace said people can go to Bear Valley Springs, but it’s a long drive, you have to know someone and it’s expensive.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do without the pool,” said Wallace.

Young told 23ABC renovations are being done in multiple phases for insurance purposes and the pool is expected to be back open in early fall.


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