Tehachapi water agencies launch new website to report water leaks

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Water agencies in and around the Tehachapi area have launched a new website to help conserve wasted water. 

The website, Reportleaks.com , was launched  by the Tehachapi Water Availability Preservation Committee  in effort to stop unwanted leaks around the community. 

"The whole idea is that the people out there going about their daily lives will see things the water agencies don't normally see," said John Martin, general manager of the Tehachapi-Cummings Water District. 

Martin knows a thing about leaks himself. Recently, he was contacted by his water agency about a running leak in his backyard. 

Martin ended up paying a $400 bill for water he never saw. 

"That water leak is going to cost your neighbor a lot of money if they don't know about it and it goes on for a very long time," Martin said. 

Mary Gallegos and her husband Bob said they have been reporting leaks to the city for a while and are happy to see the website launched. 

"I think it's a good program and hopefully it's going to take off and be very successful for our neighborhoods," said Gallegos. 

Although other residents wonder if the site may create problems between neighbors. 

"To report a leak...I mean I understand the drought situation but to be able to have a rat system where you rat out people that's a different story," said Gerald Barrett.
Residents who receive complains will not be cited on leaks, but rather agencies will educate them on the problem and how to go about fixing the leak. 
The website is open for residents in Tehachapi, Stallion Springs, Bear Valley Springs and other surrounding communities.
To fill out a report or for more tips on conserving water, visit: Report Leaks


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