Temporary jobs are becoming hard to find as the competition grows

People looking to stay above the job competition

BAKERSFIELD - Every year during the holiday season many companies look for extra help, but those temporary jobs are getting tougher to find as the competition grows. 

People looking for work are coming up with creative ways to stay on top.

Gabe Defabrizio didn’t realize just how difficult it was looking for work until he was recently laid off.

“I thought sure no problem.  A veteran, I can get a position in one or two weeks.  Well, two weeks turned into a month, which turned into two, which turned into five and now I’m kind of with my back against the wall,” he said.

Defabrizio has over 15 years of experience and is competing for the same job with people who are re-entering the workforce, people who already have jobs but are looking for extra income and college graduates.

“Being 51 now, you really have to apply yourself that much more in every category,” he said. 

Leaders with the Career Services Center say it’s a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon.  The center helps people build their resumes in order to re-enter the workforce.

“They’ve lost jobs in their industry or their industry is no longer hiring in those positions, and they are looking for anytime of employment.  So, they are taking positions away that typically use to be for college kids,” said Danette Scarry, marketing director with the Career Services Center.

Retail stores like Target say filling temporary jobs can be difficult with just the number of applicants coming in. The process of getting temporary work isn’t an easy one; Target starts planning as early as September.

Felicia Little wants to finish college in another state and hasn’t had any luck finding full-time work.   It’s taken her months just to find a temporary position at Target.

“I think it’s difficult because everyone is trying to find a job right now so, as the prices go up and people need more money.  So, everyone is trying to find a job, maybe two jobs, maybe three jobs. I currently have two jobs. I work here and someone where else at the mall,” said Little.

Leaders with Target say having employees with different backgrounds and experiences only benefits the company.

"What we look at, number one is we want to make sure we get the team member that is fast, fun and friendly and can also bring an amazing experience to our guest," said Marcos Armendariz, manager at Target.

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