Texas Governor Rick Perry in Bakersfield for Shannon Grove fundraiser

BAKERSFIELD - Texas Governor Rick Perry visited Bakersfield Tuesday to campaign for a local assemblymember.

Perry joined Shannon Grove for a breakfast fundraiser at Hodel's.

23ABC spoke to both Perry and Grove, who both say they have a lot in common, especially when it comes to freedom: 

"We believe in freedom. And that cuts across a lot of landscape. Freedom from over-taxation, from over-regulation, from over-litigation," said Perry.

"Battleground states fighting for senate seats. And I'm a California legislator that participates in that. So we built a relationship, and when I asked him to come to California to do an event he was more than pleased," said Grove. 

"California politicians should take a lesson from a state like Texas with a Governor who supports, not destroys, job creators and small business owners with every decision that is made," Grove said in a press release.

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