The American Lung Association ranks Bakersfield the most polluted city in the country

Worst in short-term and annual particle pollution

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Living with asthma in Kern County is a constant struggle for Ross Hart and his wife.

"My wife coughs all the time and sometimes I have coughs that won't stop and go on for maybe 20 or 30 seconds," he said.

Hart said it's so bad that they have even considered moving somewhere else.

"It really bothers me so we're thinking of maybe leaving the valley," he said.

The American Lung Association released their annual air quality report and it's no surprise that Bakersfield was ranked at the very bottom for short-term and annual particle pollution. Despite the low rating, Kern County continues to show improvements in reducing ozone pollution.

"Within the ozone for the smog days, we have seen a decline of about 45 percent since we started doing this report in 2000. There is evidence that there is progress being made as far as reducing ozone in the valley," Will Barrett, policy manager at the American Lung Association, said.

The American Lung Association is sponsoring two bills in Congress that would promote cleaner vehicles and alternative fuel.

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