The Dome is under new ownership as a local church takes over the popular venue

Cross Christian Church buying the Dome

BAKERSFIELD - The Dome in central Bakersfield has hosted a wide variety of events over the years and now the popular venue is under new ownership.

The Cross Christian Church is taking things over and transforming the building into a place of worship.

Jasiel Sanchez never considered faith an option until he was introduced to Cross Christian Church in Bakersfield.

“Ever since I started to come here and I finally understood who God was.  Then, I started to fill fulfillment. Then, I started to understand there was a purpose.  Then, I started to know like, I felt whole now,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez celebrates the gospel with his loved ones and newly formed church family inside the Dome, a building that once housed events where smoking and drinking was the norm.

“That’s where God steps in to shine that light in dark places.  He just turns everything around to make his glory shine,” he said.

The Dome is use to having music, dancing and a big crowd and that’s something faith leaders hope will continue as it permanently takes over this popular venue.  Church leaders are experiencing a growth and in their new home, the doors will remain open for even more people to join.

“There’s a lot of dreams and ambition here to make this not just the church, but the Cross Family Center for all of Bakersfield to come here and enjoy.  We need refurbishing with the carpet of course. Doing things to the roof, doing things to the floor, tiling.  There’s a café that’s going to be here as well,” said Pastor Toure Tyler.

The building is costing the church $1.4 million dollars to purchase.  It’s an investment faith leaders say will pay off as they continue providing happiness and a place for community members to enjoy.

“I believe that the Dome is just the perfect experience for a worship service.  Again, it feels like it’s a conference every Sunday.  It goes beyond just having your typical service and hearing about the lord each time, it feels like a place of worship the moment you step into the building,” said Rolanda Tyler of Cross Christian Church.

A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for later this month as faith leaders introduce their new home to the community.

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