37 Bakersfield families to walk in loved ones' honor

First annual crime victims' march this week

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Kern County Board of Supervisors declared this week as National Crime Victims' Rights Week.

On Tuesday, April 23, the district attorney's office will be hosting a victims march in honor of the victims' rights week. The first victims' rights march is in commemoration of the law and of those who have suffered at the hands of violence.

LINK  TO COLD CASES -- Investigators are seeking public information on each of these cases so they can solve the investigation and bring suspect(s) to justice and closure to the families. (http://www.turnto23.com/documents/10920/0/Bakersfield+Cold+Case+Files/0b8e0434-2193-478a-b515-f3cae214ff62 )

Around 37 families will walk with pictures in honor of their lost loved ones and Kern County District Attorney Lisa Green said anyone who wants to show their support is welcome to march with them.

"Hopefully in a way we remember and celebrate people's lives and to know those of us in law enforcement remember as well."

This year's National Crime Victims' Rights Week theme, 'New Challenges, New Solutions,' celebrates the spirit that will advance the progress for crime victims, despite the many challenges that still face them.  

Only 30 years ago, crime victims had not rights, no access to crime victim compensation, or services to help rebuild their lives.  Crime victims were often excluded from courtrooms, treated as an afterthought by the criminal justice system, and denied an opportunity to speak at sentencing.

The district attorney's office is inviting anyone who is interested in attending to meet outside of the Liberty Bell off of Truxtun and Chester tonight at 4:30 p.m. The march will end at St. Francis Church on "H" Street around 7 p.m. where they will conclude the event with a candle light vigil and prayer for the crime victims.

For additional information about the 2013 National Crime Victims' Rights Week and how to volunteer to help crime victims, visit the Office for Victims of Crime website at www.ovc.gov.

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