"The Hangover Part III" filmed in Kern County, generated $2 million to Kern County economy

160 crew and cast members filmed for eight days


As 'The Hangover Part III' hits theaters across the country, the cast and crew aren't the only ones racking in the dough.


Kern County was in the spotlight back in September when crews filmed multiple scenes for the film in several locations across the county, bringing in millions of dollars in revenue.


"They filmed in Tehachapi. They spent over a week filming in the county which brought in over $2 million to the Tehachapi area," Teresa Hitchcock with the Kern County Board of Trade said.


According to the Kern County Film Commission, many cast members and production crew spent money at nearby hotels, restaurants and car rentals during their eight day stay.


"It helps boost local business revenue, it also adds to the tax base, it helps pay for services for citizens who live here so it's a great economic boost for our county," Hitchcock said.


Many locals are excited to see Kern County's cameo appearance.


"I've seen Part I and Part II so I'm definitely going to see Part III, especially because it was filmed here," Joshua Martinez, a resident, said.


If you try to spot our community in the movie, there are particular scenes to look out for.


"Watch for the abduction scene, there's also a scene of a gentleman dressed as a pig chasing one of the stars, and then of course any of the scenes where it has the wind mills in the background was filmed in our very own Kern County," Hitchcock said.


Many agencies coordinated during production and included California Film Commission, California Highway Patrol, Caltrans, Kern County Roads Department, Kern County Fire Department, the Kern Wind Energy Association and the Federal Aviation Administration. The coordination of these services with Warner Bros. Studios included the movie's "abduction highway" scene in which a portion of Highway 58 needed to be closed.

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