'The New Juarez' documentary comes to Bakersfield this Friday

Film looks at violence and crime in Juarez, Mexico

BAKERSFIELD - Last  year Charlie Minn came to Bakersfield to show 'Murder Capital of the World.' The documentary filmmaker is once again in town, this time to promote 'The New Juarez,' the third film in his trilogy examining Juarez, Mexico. 


He has been telling this story through three films now to bring focus to what he sees as an ignored tragedy. 


"I think Mexico needs a movement of some kind," Minn said. "We always look at the Middle East, now Syria is in the news every single day. Mexico has lost over 100,000 of their citizens during this human rights disaster. The guns aren't just killing our country, they're killing Mexico too."   


Having played at theaters throughout Texas, Arizona and other parts of California - Minn now brings 'The New Juarez' to Kern County to play at Maya Cinemas starting Feb. 22. Yet another stop in front of a large Mexican-American population, an audience Minn said has been very receptive of his films. 


"My heart bleeds for the innocent Mexican people who never asked for this war," Minn said. "Poor Mexican families being picked on. I don't think people truly realize the size and the scope of this tragedy."


In his latest film Minn finds that the murder rate has dropped in Juarez, with a new police chief in place and supposed secret deals made with organized crime contributing to the decline. 


"And the third factor is Chapo Guzman who is the biggest drug lord in the world, he won the war in Juarez," Minn said. "He is the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel so what that means is that there is less people to kill."

'The New Juarez' will open this Friday at Maya Cinemas. Minn said the film should be showing twice a day for at least a week.
Proceeds from the film will be donated to charities that help victims of the violence in Juarez. 
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