The Patterson Family Band has been playing outside the 24th Street Cafe for 5 years now


The Pattersons' have been playing outside the 24th Street Cafe just about every weekend since Memorial Day weekend 5 years ago.

That is when Deryl and his two daughters, Breeia and Latti, first impressed the cafe's owner Mark and his customers.

"We came out on a Saturday like today, before Memorial Day and they asked us to come back on a Sunday," Deryl Patterson said. "Then Monday was Memorial Day. A week later Mark shows up and he says he gets 15 calls a day wondering who these people are out in front of his restaurant."

They might turn a few heads, but they get an audience with their sound. 

"I think it is really unique, especially because we are black in Bakersfield and we are playing country and we are girls," Latti said. "Yeah, you don't see that very often at all."

You might as well call the sidewalk in front of the cafe their living room.

"It gives us a chance to re-connect as a family," Latti said. "During the week we are all busy. But we know on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday it is a chance for us to bond." 

Deryl taught his daughters how to sing and play, and along the way there were sibling rivalries.

"Latti, she was a singer at first and Breeia started playing guitar, she started getting better and better," Deryl said. "So then Latti, being the competitive sister, sibling, she started playing."

"When we make our song lists I always put 'Keep on The Sunny' on mine, but then when she made list she put it hers, so we have different song lists," Breeia said. 

Derly, he just enjoys each of these morning jam sessions.

"By their age, they are usually running the other way," Deryl said. "So I'm glad they're sticking around with me." 


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