Thieves break into family's SUV: Jacob Featherston about to start freshman year at San Diego State

SAN DIEGO - This weekend was supposed to be a happy time for a San Diego State University freshman, but not for 18-year-old Modesto resident Jacob Featherston.

Featherston is about to start his freshman year at San Diego State, but instead of this being a relaxing weekend with his mother, father and 3-week old little brother, the family has been busy shopping for supplies.

"They were able to get in and just take everything," said Featherston's mother, Andrea.

They had stopped to rest for a few hours at a DoubleTree hotel in Bakersfield, but in that time, thieves broke into their SUV.

"Everything that you would send your child to college with ... bedding, school supplies, clothes, his computer, calculator for math," she said.

The thieves broke through the lock in the driver's side door. For some reason, the alarm did not go off.

"My dad comes running into the room at about 5:30ish and he just says it's all gone ... and my heart just sank," said Featherston.

The family has insurance but they were told they would only be reimbursed $25 for every $100 lost.

So instead of getting his dorm room set up and thinking about beginning classes Monday, now Featherston and his family have to deal with this.

"And I was like no ... just of all the times for anything bad to happen, just no," said Featherston. "Just ran down the stairs, saw … just about everything was gone of mine and I was just absolutely devastated."

10News reached out to Bakersfield police to see if they are investigating this case and whether there might be surveillance video but have not heard back from them.

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