This years crops looking to break records thanks to dream like season

Almond season could break records this year

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "Compared to past years our spring has been a dream, it's been awesome."

John Moore, farm manager at Moore farms, canvasses his family's acres daily and this season he's seeing trees drenched in almonds.

Moore explained the reason behind this year's potentially record-breaking crop, "had a pretty good spring. Chilling hours were good, early, didn't have a late frost like we did last year so it actually looks bigger than it was last year".

According to The Kern County Department of Agriculture, last years almond crop pulled in $821,857,000 to the valley and Moore believes when the crops are plentiful, the entire community wins.

"Well it absolutely fuels the economy. You've got farmers who are willing to hire out more work and you've got more processing plants popping up everywhere. We've got more people planting almonds and they need water, a lot of water, so it provides a lot of work, a lot of labor", Moore said.

80% of the world's almond population comes from California and 23% is produced in Kern County, according to the Almond Board of California.

Moore's nearly century old farm has been through it all and with every crop comes a life lesson.

Moore said, "That's where you learn though, you get the bad years, you take it, you learn and you celebrate great years like this".

Moore says this years almond harvest should kick-off sometime in August.


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