Three abandoned babies laid to rest at Garden of Innocence in Bakersfield, Saturday

One baby was found in a trash can in Oildale

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Three babies, who were found dead after being abandoned, were laid to rest at the Garden of Innocence in Bakersfield, Saturday morning.

The three children were found dead with no clues to who they were or what had happened to them. Therefore, the community came together to start a Garden of Innocence in July.

Before receiving proper burials, all three children were given names: Michael, David and Gabriella.

In June, Gabriella, once known as "baby beardsley",  was found in a trash can in Oildale.

Today, hundred of residents gathered to pay their respects to the young souls.

"Everyone needs a proper burial and a proper good bye and with these three children we get to do that. It’s an honor to be here," said Elizabeth Salis, who attended the funerals.

Residents still had many questions as to how or why this had happened to these young children.

"I'm just not going to understand why this happened to them and you wish that you were there just to help them," said Samantha First, who was touched by today's events.

Officials with the Garden of Innocence said that the community really helped bring the funerals together as most the items were donated by residents.

"Everything we do is donated, even from the urns to the blankets," said Juanita Medina, Director of the Kern County Garden of Innocence.

Medina said the garden does plan to bury one more baby within the next month.

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