Tire slasher on the loose in Oildale

Residents frustrated by vandalism

OILDALE, Calif. - Somebody is slashing tires in one Oildale neighborhood and several residents are frustrated that nobody has been caught.

"Some vandals took a knife and stabbed my tires sidewall," said Ricky Cox.

Residents said dozens of tires were hit on sometime Sunday night and the Kern County Sheriff Office took their report on Monday morning.

"I woke up to four flat tires," said Tom Overton.

"All the tires on my truck and trailer were slashed," said Cox

"I got out here and saw that I had two flat tires," said Luther Brewton.

The residents said it is a huge inconvenience and want the culprits caught before more damage is done.

"I am concerned about it. I don't know if it's gangs or kids or what the deal is, but it's a bad deal all the way around," said Cox.

Cox is now parking his work truck behind his gate and other neighbors are being more observant.

Sunday’s incident is not the first time the vandals have hit the 1000 block of Wilson Street. Overton's tires were slashed on several occasions over the last month.

"I don't know about frustrated, but it's just pissing me off at this point," said Overton.

Due to the recent rash of tire slashing, many residents have had to borrow and share an air compressor just to pump up their tires so they could drive to get them fixed.

On Wednesday, Overton used the compressor to temporally inflate his tires and drove to a tire shop where he had his damaged tires replaced.

Residents are hoping the Kern County Sheriff's Office gets some information about the vandals so they can put an end to this ongoing problem.

"I want law enforcement to catch these guys soon. I am keeping a watchful eye these days, but you can't stay up all night watching for somebody to come through here and slash our tires," said Brewton.

The residents have collectively spent more than a $1,000 to replace their tires, which makes the vandalism a felony according to law enforcement.

"I am planning to catch them in the act. I'm going to set me up a surveillance camera," said Overton.

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