Todd Chance's Mustang released to wife days after she's released from jail

Lawyer said car sparked a lot of emotion in Chance

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Mustang Todd Chance was last seen in was released to his wife, Leslie Chance, just days after she was released from jail. 

According to Kyle Humphrey, the attorney representing Chance, said the car evoked a lot of emotion in Chance when she first it. 

"This was their car, and it was his love for his enthusiasm...It has all kinds of really positive memories for her, and unfortunately a very last tragic memory," said Humphrey.

The attorney said he had hired a former Sheriff's investigator to examine the car to look for blood or any other evidence that investigators may have left behind. 

According to Humphrey, investigators could seize the car again, if Chance is arrested again. 


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