Big rig crashes into a canal off Hwy. 99 near Olive Drive, one passenger dead, driver survives

Fatal big rig accident off hwy. 99

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A tractor-trailer crashed into a canal off southbound Highway 99 near Olive Drive.

Officials said the crash happened at about 2:20 Monday afternoon when the driver lost control of their tractor-trailer and crashed into a canal.

California Highway Patrol officers said the tractor-trailer was hanging over the edge of the bridge with its nose in the water.

A crane was used to hoist the trailer end of the truck down on to the bank of the canal. 

A witness, Mike Smaldon, was working on the other side of the freeway when the crash happened. He told 23 ABC that he rushed over to help and pulled the driver out of the water, but they couldn't find his passenger.

The driver of the truck was taken to a nearby hospital.

The Kern County search and rescue team sifted through the debris of the demolished truck and load of canned food in search of a second passenger.

Officials later discovered the passenger had been killed in the accident and was pinned in the middle of the debris.

Booms were set up to catch much of the debris and fuel floating downstream from the crash site. 

The condition of the driver is unknown at this time and the crash is still under investigation. 


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