Trash piling up on Westside Parkway, creating eyesore in the community

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Westside Parkway has been open for a little more than a year, and many commuters appreciate the convenience, but not the accumulation of trash that seems to pile up consistently.

"I love the parkway, it saves a lot of time and a lot of gas, but as far as the visual look and what's happening now, it's deteriorating fast," said Barry Daffern.

Most of the trash along the parkway is less than a month old and is not piling up due to the lack of cleanup efforts.

The Bethany Homeless Shelter has crews out there every three weeks keeping it clean.

"I don't understand why people litter," said Chris Johnson.

Johnson travels the freeway every day and says it's a complete eyesore.

"I understand trash that accumulates on Highway 58, because that is on the way to the dump, this freeway is in the middle of town,"Johnson said.

Within the last three months, crews have picked up 485 large bags of trash.

"It looks like, instead of people trying to find a trashcan, they throw it out of their windows and expect somebody else to clean it up," said Jeremy Moore, commuter.

Keep Bakersfield Beautiful says everybody has to do their part to keep our roadways clean.

The community group says it all comes down to awareness and pride in the community.

"I would hope that people get the message and respect our community. Keep the trash in your car and wait to get home and put it in a trashcan," said Gail Park, commuter.

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