Travely Survey: More Californians walking, biking and riding

Survey says more Californians walking, biking

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Results from the California Household Travel Survey are in and there are a few surprises when it comes to the methods of transportation that Californians are now using.

The survey shows that overall, the percentage of California residents walking, biking or using public transportation on any typical day, has increased more than double since 2000.

"Based on this research , we can make good decisions about transportation that will improve mobility, air quality and travel choices for all Californians," said Malcolm Dougherty, director of Caltrans.

The survey shows that 23 percent of household trips were taken by alternative means other than driving. In 2000, only 11 percent of people used alternative ways to move throughout the day. Today's percentage falls at more than 16 percent.

Brian Kelly, California State Transportation agency secretary, said that residents' interest in other means of transportation are ultimately good for the state. 

"This increasing interest in many transportation choices is another reason why we are on the path to more sustainability in California," he said.

Last year, legislation was approved creating California's $129 million Active Transportation Program, which distributes funding for human-powered transportation projects and programs. 

"Californians are increasingly determined to get places on their own power and Caltrans is determined to help them do that," Dougherty said.

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