Triple digit temperatures hurt bus riders waiting in the elements

Rising heat radiates on locals waiting for the bus

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "I don't need to be out in the sun, it's a deficit to me to sometimes ride the bus when it's real hot out, you know it's definitely mood changing".

Bus rider Michael Lewis spoke with 23ABC under a cool shaded tree while he waited for his bus about the hurdles he overcomes while riding the bus in this scorching heat.

It's a problem Golden Empire Transit says they are working to solve; but between the lack of space and funds to properly build shelters at certain stops, there's not much they can do at this time to expand shelters.

"The cost is fairly high for shelters. It's about for the shelter and the pad it's about $1,500", said GET spokesperson Gina Hayden.

But the major transit company says it's working on new technology, expected to be released next summer, that will change the way people wait for the bus.

Hayden explained, "They (passengers) won't have to go to the stop and wait for the next bus, they can look on their phone and they can say 'oh it's going to be 10 minutes I can stay inside this cool business or I can stand in the shade'".

For current riders though, they're going to have to learn to be patient in this record-breaking heat.

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