Truck tailgate thefts up in Kern County

DELANO, Calif. - Tailgate theft is on the rise in Kern County and it's quicker and easier than ever.

"I couldn't believe someone would just do that," Brian Delarmente, a Delano resident, said.

In Delano, there was over 60 cases reported in the last several years. Without a lock, tailgates can be removed within seconds and be sold for over $1,000.

"It just costs so much to replace a tailgate. You can spend sixty dollars, twenty five dollars to put a simple lock on it and then you don't have to worry about someone stealing it," Richard Hooser, an installer at California trucks, said.

Many residents are even setting up surveillance cameras to catch thieves in the act.

"It seemed way too easy but now I can see there's really nothing holding it and anybody can just take it right off," Delarmente said.

Lia Steinberg is talking to officials and residents regarding the problem. Was your tailgate stolen? Send a picture to .


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