Truckers hard pressed to comply with state emissions laws

BAKERSFIELD - Kern County truckers are running out of time to meet state requirements for air pollution emissions.

The state is targeting semi trucks because they say they are some of the biggest polluters in California.

New state regulations require all truckers to update their trucks to cleaner standards.

That is putting a financial squeeze on smaller operations.

Some small local trucking companies 23 ABC spoke to say they may not survive.

One company that operates a single semi is still waiting for grant money from the state before they can buy a new truck but the deadline is fast approaching.

Western Highways Trucking says they are in compliance and have replaced all 10 trucks in their fleet.

They say the new air emissions technology on the trucks is not reliable.

Western Highways says they have had as many as half of their trucks in the shop at once having their new emissions systems repaired.

The state says it is working with trucking companies, especially smaller ones, to keep them in business.

They say they are trying to achieve a balance between cleaning our air and keeping small truckers in business.

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