New TSA Pre-Check program will speed up airport security process

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - If you're looking to get through airport security faster, you may be in luck.

“I travel about sixty percent of my work time so I travel a lot, spend a lot of time in airports so any savings is great, “ Patricia Doughty, a frequent flyer, said.

Wednesday is the first day you can apply for TSA pre-check, a program designed to give pre-approved, low-risk travelers the opportunity to bypass long security lines.

Richard Strickland, Director of Airports for Kern County, said if you're a frequent flyer, it could save some time and hassle.

“You're going to have a separate lane to travel in and it's going to move quickly because people are not going to be messing with taking the shoes off and the belt off and everything,” Strickland, said.

If you're interested in applying, simply visit the TSA website, pre-enroll online and pay a non-refundable $85 application fee.

“I’ve even missed flights because of it so it would be really great if the security lines could be shortened,” Michael Hughes, a flyer, said.

Indianapolis is the only airport with one right now but the program is expected to expand to over one-hundred airports across the U.S. by next year. And although some argue the program could raise a security risk, Strickland says a background check will give TSA agents confidence in who goes through the fast lane.

“You’re still going through screening, it's just the shoes and the light jacket can stay on,” he said.

“They know people that travel in and out of the airport quite a few times so they're not going to just grant it to infrequent travelers,” Dougherty said.


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