Tumbleweed cleanup improves neighborhood while helping sober living center

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An area in Kern County that been a sore spot for neighbors is finally getting cleaned up.

It’s a nearly 200 acre field near Weedpatch Highway and Highway 58 and it’s been a thorn in the side of nearby homeowners for years.

Tumbleweeds and illegal dumping have been an ongoing problem.

Back in May, wind was blowing tumbleweeds across the road and burying nearby homes in tumbleweeds 6 feet deep.

Shortly after 23ABC’s first story the county and community members teamed up to remove all the tumbleweeds from around the homes.

But the ones in the field remained ready to launch themselves and bury the homes again during the next windstorm.

Then, the property owner from L.A. hired a nonprofit group to finish the job.

Besides the tumbleweeds the workers also removed all the junk that had been dumped over the years.

And the money the workers made went to a good cause.

The work was done by Isaiah Recovery Services a sober living home for men.

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