Two buses filled with students on a field trip collide

Bus accidents sends students to the hospital

BAKERSFIELD - A scary moment for some students from the Panama Buena Vista School district as their buses collided during a field trip. The accident sent four people to the hospital including three children.

Rachel Katano and her son, Robbie didn't expect anything to go wrong during their school field trip.

"Well, we were about 20 minutes away from our destination.  The plane museum in chino and there was a little bit of traffic ahead of us and our bus had to make a stop and the bus behind us did not stop in time and rear ended us," said Katano.

The charter buses were traveling eastbound on highway 210, west of Baldwin when the vehicles crashed.

"It kind of freaks you out a little bit and scares you and it gave us a little bit of whiplash," she said.

The buses were filled with about fifty - sixth grade students from various schools in the Panama Buena Vista School District.

"On the other bus, one of my friends with a cast on his arm, must have hit it somehow and I saw him get taken away on an ambulance," said student, Robbie Katano, who was on the bus.

Sixth grade student Elizabeth Hayward was also on the bus.

"I had a friend who had to go to the hospital and i was thinking wow, what if that was me that got hurt," she said.

Hayward was on the bus and on the phone with her mother - as everyone on board waited for help and new buses to arrive.

"What went through my mind is, la freeways, one car hits another car, hits another car, I just imagine the worse," said concerned parent, Amy Hayward.

This type of accident is something educators prepare for at the beginning of the school year when students take part in school bus safety drills.

"Well, that's the parents concern also is that their children are safe and they are relieved when they are able to get accurate information that everyone is okay, that steps were taken to keep everyone safe and take this scary situation and keep it calm," said Stockdale Elementary School principal, M.T. Merickel.

The new charter buses arrived and students continued on their field trip to the museum and all arrived safely to Stockdale Elementary school this afternoon where they were greeted by their parents.

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