Two dogs with special needs get new lease on life

Eve and DIllon are two lucky dogs who lean on each other for support.
Eve was found in the freezing snow on Christmas Eve, and Dillon was found abandoned at a boarding facility in Palmdale.

Both dogs were rescued by Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue.
The two may look completely normal at first glance, but both are disabled,
Eve is completely deaf, has a missing eye, and can't see well with her other eye.
Dillon is completely deaf.
The two, who faced a very grim future before being rescued, are now inseparable.
Zach Skow, with Marley's Mutts, says he was surprised by how close the two became.
"I thought they're disabilities would separate them, but from the beginning they just clicked."
The bond was great for the pups, but a possible challenge when it came to adopting them out.
Most families aren't necessarily capable of taking in two, large, special needs dogs.
"Let's face it, disabilities in the canine world are very misunderstood," Skow added.
Using the power of social media, the Marley's Mutts militia went to work.
As luck would have it, their posts caught the attention of Shelley Scudder, a local resident with a big heart.
"A co-worker of mine showed me a picture of Eve and by the fourth day I said 'ok, I've got to meet this dog.'"
The problem? With a new house, two dogs of her own, and a fiance, Shelly was hesitant about taking on the responsibility of two more dogs.
Her mind was quickly changed though, when she saw the special relationship the two have.
So with a little sniffing, some introductions to their newest family members, and lots of love and affection, Eve and DIllon finally have what they deserve. Scuddy agrees.
"I think they're going to enjoy their lives together here."
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