Two groups interested in bringing Bakersfield a drive-in movie theater

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Moviegoers hoping for a drive-in theater to be built in Bakersfield may soon be faced with a second option.  There are now two groups with two different plans interested in the same project.

Five years ago Jason Sanders and his wife, Seggan began to think about bringing back the drive-in.

“Everybody loves the idea of the drive-in feeling of hanging out,” he said.

Through their company, Cinertain, the couple wants to raise $50,000 to purchase equipment that would get them closer to their ultimate goal.

“That will get us a mobile version of a drive-in, essentially one screen, a digital projector and we’ll be able to go to golf courses and parks, neighborhoods, private events, parties and whatever and show movies and let people know what we’re all about,” said Sanders.

They have campaigned around the community and want to bring Bakersfield more than just a good movie to town.

“We’re planning on bringing jobs back and holding lots of fun events and just bringing a whole different community, something that Bakersfield has not seen and maybe something that people go, drive lots of miles for, bring it all here, just to have a whole new excitement for and be proud of,” she said.

The idea of having a drive-in is an interest shared by another group .  Give Bakersfield A Drive-In Theater has gained more than 12,000 supporters on Facebook.

“We wish them well. We wish anybody who wants to start one up well.  But we assure you we are on to some great possibilities and we will be finishing it out pretty soon hopefully,” said Josiah Frazier of the Give Bakersfield a Drive-In Theater Facebook page .

Although they are two different groups, leaders say they are not in competition.

“This movement is about getting Bakersfield a drive-in movie theater,” he said.

Bakersfield city planners welcome the idea of any drive-in, but the project would include a conditional use permit followed by a public hearing.

“The decision making body, in this case the board of zoning and adjustment or the city council if its appealed could place certain operational restrictions on the business if they choose to approve it to address things like noise or hours of operation,” said Paul Hellman, principal planner for the City of Bakersfield.

23ABC asked both groups if there would be any type of collaboration down the road.  One side welcomes the idea, and the other says their mission is just too different.


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