Two local elementary schools earn national nutrition award

Pair of schools earn Gold Award of Distinction

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A pair of Bakersfield schools have earned a national award for the work they've done to improve your child's health.

Horace Mann Elementary School and Frank West Elementary School will both be awarded the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Gold Award of Distinction Wednesday morning.

The two schools in the Bakersfield City School District earned the honor by creating healthy environments through good nutrition, physical activity and nutrition education.

"Seven percent of school's in the nation have received this award and to receive the award with distinction is amazing," Sandip Kaur director of the Nutrition Services Division with the California Department of Education.

Representatives from the U.S.D.A. as well as the California Department of Education were present at both award ceremonies.

Hort Elementary has also earned a seat in the exclusive club twice.

Schools first started the program three years ago, when Michelle Obama introduced the "Let's Move" campaign.

School officials hope that programs like this will help students avoid health complications down the road.

"If we get it now, of course, those students will develop those habits young and that's a gift that will last a lifetime," said Dayna Gardner, Principal at Horace Mann Elementary school.

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