Two sisters speak out about their hiking ordeal

Hikers found after missing for hours


Two hikers who went missing in the area of pine mountain club on New Year’s Day are talking about their ordeal tonight.

Ariel Fitzmorris, 16, and Allison Fitzmorris, 21, were not prepared for a night in the woods, but did manage to fight through freezing temperatures and just a bottle of water to share their story.

The sisters have gone on many hikes before, but have never experienced anything like they did just a few days ago.  The women were hiking in the area of pine mountain club when they lost their path.

The sisters say they screamed for help several times.  When the sun went down and the cold settled in the sisters used each other's body to keep warm.  They took turns taking naps and spent a lot of time praying for help to arrive.

"Neither of us thought we would make it through the night because it was just so cold, but we kept talking to each other and kept each other warm and kept rubbing each other’s legs," said Allison Fitzmorris.

At one point the sisters say they thought about building a shelter out of snow, but didn't have enough strength to create one.

The women advise anyone who wants to go on a hike to first have a good solid plan in place and always tell your loved ones when you expect to be back from that hike.

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