UL investigation found Zimpex, Inc. selling fraudulent flame resistant gear

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a global safety company whose symbol can be found in various products and garments. But recently their mark was  discovered on clothing considered to be counterfeit.
Tomorrow UL will be putting Zimpex, Incorporated, a Bakersfield company, on public notice. 
The garments in questions are a large number of full body coveralls, often worn by oil service workers, that were sold with a faulty safety label.
The label said it was approved by UL standards but one of the red flags was the spelling error on the label.
Local supply representative, Brandon Manning, says this is a huge problem that puts oil workers in danger. "They look like a flame resistant (FR)garment. They may even have FR material. But the way they are manufactured, aren't manufactured under UL standards. So it's not going to save your life."
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