Unemployed man gets free job interview outfit

Business gives back to community

OILDALE, Calif. - The owner of a clothing store in Oildale has decided to give back to the community by giving one person a month a job interview outfit.

With the unemployment rate so high, job seekers need all the help they can get.

"I am dressing one person for an interview a month," said Juanita Bradshaw, owner of Fashion Plus Size.

"If you don't look right, you are not going to get the job," said Allan Bowen who is looking for work.

Bradshaw said she is all too familiar about looking for work. She opened the store over a year ago because the job market was slow. She decided to create her own job. Her business has been so successful that she decided to help others looking for work.

"For most people the biggest obstacle going to an interview and getting a job is having the proper attire. I want to help as many people as I can," said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw used social media and word of mouth to let the community know about the job interview clothing giveaway. Many people came into her store to enter their names. They drew one name out of a hat. Bowen's name was drawn. He said this was perfect timing because he has been looking for work for several months.

"I have submitted 120 applications online and in person. I went to stores that told me they are hiring, just to go back every week and have them tell me, 'Come back next week, we are not ready yet,'" said Bowen.

Job interview experts said you'll never get a second chance to make that first impression and what you wear to an interview and how you present yourself can make a difference.

Proper interview attire traditionally means formal business wear, which includes a suit and tie for men and skirt suit and hosiery for women.

"My idea is to help them have at least one good outfit to go and interview with so they can walk in and not worry about how they look," said Bradshaw.

Fashion experts said when you dress nice, your confidence level rises, which may help you during an interview.

"With these new clothes, I feel much better about myself," said Bowen.

Bowen has two suits at home that he said don't fit him anymore. During his last interview he wore slacks and a button up shit with no tie. Now he said he is equipped to go in and make that good first impression during his next interview.

"This time I will interview with a nice dress suit and tie. This is really a step up in the right direction," said Bowen.

Fashion Plus Size will have one free drawing per month for those looking for a job.

The store is located at 204 N Chester Avenue. 661-393-4907.


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