UPDATE: Carjacking and kidnapping ends in arrest of suspect

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Kern County sheriff's office has arrested the suspect responsible for the kidnapping and carjacking pursuit that took place late Friday night. 

Monique Hernandez, 29, is currently being treated at a local hospital after crashing the stolen vehicle into a light pole. She will be transferred to the Central Receiving Facility for carjacking, kidnapping and felony evading, according to officials. 

The victim of the carjacking told police that Hernandez first entered his vehicle through the passenger's door when he was stopped at a red light on Olive and Knudsen Drives. She pulled out a knife, held it to his neck and told him to drive, police said. 

He was told to go to Olive Drive and Roberts Lane, where he was forced to leave his 2003 Ford Mustang as another female climbed into the car, according to police. The victim was treated at a local hospital after sustaining a minor injury. 

Deputy officials spotted the stolen vehicle around 9:27 p.m. and attempted to stop it, but Hernandez continued to plunge through the streets, leading to a pursuit through the East Bakersfield area, police said. 

Police said Hernandez then entered westbound Highway 178 from Morning Drive and eventually exited at Fairfax Road where she lost control of the car and crashed into a light pole.

She and two other female passengers are currently being treated at a local hospital, police said.

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