Veterinarians help spay, neuter dogs and cats for adoption from the KCAC in transition

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Kern County Animal Control -- facing eviction by the city -- is trying to keep up with pet adoptions before the end of the month.

Several local animal hospitals are chipping in, helping with spay and neuter surgeries required before an animal can be adopted. 

Dr. Mukand Sandhu, owner and veterinarian of 4 Paws Pet Hospital in Bakersfield, said his office is performing as many as six surgeries a day, five days a week.

Sandhu says it's the key way to keep the stray pet population down and prevent so many from ending up in shelters.

"I personally thought it was our duty to help the county and all those people working there to get the animals adopted,” said Sandhu, “The best way to do that is to fix the existing pets so they can't reproduce."

The KCAC is expected to be out of the city shelter by the end of the month.

Officials have said animals may need to be euthanized if they're not adopted by the end of September.

From now through the end of the month, they're offering discounted pricing on adoptions. Dogs are $15 and cats are $5.

Those fees include spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, a microchip, and a one year license.

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