Victim of fatal Lost Hills accident needs help finding dogs

Dogs missing from fatal Lost Hills accident

The victim of a fatal wreck on Christmas Day needs help finding his displaced dogs.
Chuck and Sheila Gates were on the way home towards Watsonville after visiting their newborn grandson, when their vehicle was hit by another car on Highway 46 and Holloway road in Lost Hills. 
Sheila was killed in the accident, and Chuck is currently in stable condition at the Kern Co. Medical Center. 
Two of their dogs were lost during the scene of the accident- Tessy, a tri-colored Corgi, and Gracie, a small brown Chihuahua with white around her neck. They are believed to be together, and someone may have picked them up.
If you have any information, please contact Loretta Gates (Sheila's sister), at (831) 750-8323.
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