Video shows debris skipping across pavement after implosion at Kern Power Plant

23ABC viewer Doug Hess sent in this video of what he claims is a piece of shrapnel skipping across the ground after the PG&E Kern Power Plant implosion.


Hess said, This morning my daughter, and a few friends were out early to see the demolition of the old PG&E power plant near Coffee & Rosedale Highway. We positioned our selves between the Lowes parking lot and the intersection of Coffee & Jetway. We were seated at the yellow tape on the small bridge over the aqueduct.

In the video you will see what many captured...the exciting multiple expositions of the plant demolition. What you may NOT see in other videos is the flying piece of shrapnel skipping & sparking from the exposition into the crowd. We heard shouts and heard someone say a boy was injured ...his father yelling 'his leg is gone!'. The sirens of emergency vehicles & police clearing the area seemed to indicate there were injuries. All injuries seemed to have occurred behind the yellow tape where it was assumed to be safe. :(  

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