Viewers respond to 23 ABC's school zone speeding report


A story 23 ABC first reported on Good Morning Kern County prompted other viewers to speak out about speeders in Northwest Bakersfield school zones.

23 ABC then took a radar gun to Veterans Elementary School to find out if anyone was speeding. Almost every car 23 ABC caught was going at least ten miles over the 25 mph speed limit.

But, the crossing guard outside Patriot Elementary told 23 ABC drivers in that area go almost twice as fast.

“Some do 65 to 70 miles per hour even when kids are in the area,” said crossing guard James Shockley.

Steve Shepard has three sons at Patriot Elementary. He called 23 ABC  after watching a report because he wants something done.

“We have no crossing guard. I've seen in the morning taking my kids to school people going through the intersection without stopping and kids walking through,” said Shepard.

Sheppard's eight-year-old son said he recently had a close call with a car.

"One time I was just crossing and one teenager ran a red light. I was just walking and it almost hit me,” said Joshua Shepard.

A frightening moment the Shepard brothers hope never happens again.

“When little kids are crossing just let them go."

“I think they should wait for kids to cross and acknowledge them to go and not speed through an intersection,” said Jacob Sheppard.


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