Volunteer group Keepers of the Kern help clean up along the Kern River

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Forest Service is hard at work hoping to have campgrounds along the Kern River ready for the busy summer season, but they do have help.

Keepers of the Kern is a group of volunteers that help keep the Kern River clean by picking up trash.

"I've been up here off and on for 60 years and I have never seen it this bad," said Barbara Hinkey, founder of Keepers of the Kern.

The volunteer group works every weekend to tidy up the Kern River Valley.

"People, when they come here and camp, don't take the time to take their trash to the dumpster," said Rex Hinkey.

Feb. 8 marked the group's 10th clean up, and its second of the lower Kern River. They picked up plastic bags, bottle caps and beer boxes among other things. The Hinkey's hope next time campers will remember to throw these things away.

For campground workers, volunteer groups like this one are crucial to keeping the area kept up.

"It's my river, and it's your river, and it needs to be cleaned," said Barbara Hinkey.

You can learn more about volunteering with Keepers of the Kern by visiting their Facebook page .


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