Votes place Pedro Rios second place in 32nd district race


Supporters are celebrating victory for Pedro Rios who lost to incumbent Rudy Salas two years ago.  Candidates for the 32nd district are continuing to keep a close eye on the race even as votes continue to be counted.

“The numbers are fantastic and I think its because our message is resonating. Voters want somebody that can deliver. They want someone that is going to bring more water, more jobs, better schools and safer neighborhoods and it’s just been overwhelming,” said Salas.

Salas is the democratic incumbent who spent most of voting day with volunteers making last minute phone calls and talking with voters.

“The volunteers have been fantastic. I love each, and every single one of them. They are like the heart of the campaign and they’ve just done so much,” he said.

In November, Salas will most likely be challenged with a familiar face, republican and educator, Pedro Rios.

“I’ve asked the people to give me a second opportunity to go a second round with Rudy. I would love to have that opportunity,” said Rios.

Throughout the evening, Rios was ahead of republican Romeo Agbalog and looks forward to continuing to push for change on issues such as education, the economy and dealing with the drought.

“I’m very grateful and thankful to the volunteers, the people that have worked hard and behind me there’s a lot of people that have worked and it’s like a team,” he said.


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