Wasco rose grower preparing for Festival of Roses

WASCO, Calif. - The roses in Wasco are blooming despite the historic drought California is experiencing.

Weeks Roses, one of the largest commercial rose growers in the country, is able to keep its flowers healthy using a well water system.

“We were concerned that we might have a dry year,” said Juan Contreras, Production Manager for Weeks Roses.

It has been dry, but the water crisis didn't stop Weeks Roses from growing their flowers.

“We will probably see the real effects of this particular drought next year,” said Contreras.

The well system provides water to all of the flowers and plants so Weeks doesn’t have to depend on canals this year.

But it’s also a team effort, and the people in Wasco are also doing their part to save water.

“As you drive into Wasco, there's a sign that says drought conditions please try to use 20 percent less water, and I think it’s marvelous they recognize that because everyone here is affiliated with the agriculture industry,” said Karen Kemp-Docksteader, Marketing and Sales Manager for Weeks Roses.

One of the biggest events Weeks Roses participates in is Wasco’s Festival of Roses which is the first weekend after Labor Day.

Preparations are underway to make sure they deliver the perfect roses.

"The idea is to keep everything going with well water and try to keep the plants clean,” explained Contreras.

"Weeks takes pride in our roses and we take pride in our community. Our community and the people is what Weeks is all about,” said Kemp-Docksteader.

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