Washington-based company travels around the country offering easier access to grocery shopping

Zaycon Foods travels to Kern County

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Washington company is traveling the country to give people an alternative when it comes to grocery shopping and today the company stopped right here in Kern County.

All you really need is access to the internet...and with one click grocery shopping is becoming faster, easier and more convenient for people who are constantly on the go.

Jamie Lee of Tehachapi likes great bargains and is always looking to find ways to help her family save money.

"Well, it was a great deal for less than two dollars a pound," said Lee.

When she heard about Zaycon Foods, the privately owned company out of Washington and how it makes shopping so much easier she couldn't resist trying it.

"I looked on the site and asked around, and several people had heard good things about it and several people said they knew people who had used it and really liked it," said Lee.

Zaycon was founded in 2009 bringing fresh meats and other products directly to consumers.

"It's super easy. We send you an e-mail with what meat we're going to have in the area so, you place your order.  We send you an e-mail telling you what time we're going to be at your spot so, it's usually an hour or an hour and a half to two hours waiting for you in your city," said Kenneth Keast with the company.

Delivery trucks travel to 48 states with grocery lines taking anywhere between thirty seconds to a minute.

"A lot of people do it because it’s really hard to find all natural, hormone free, preservative free meats at the grocery stores and it’s really hard to find it in a large quantity at a good price," said Keast.

A forty pound box of chicken costs consumers 70-dollars and customers say it’s helping their bottom line.

"It's a lot less expensive and everything I read is a lot better than the grocery store," said Dean Scully who lives in Kern County.

Leaders with the company offer different meats every month and post items and delivery dates on their website making the experience that much easier for customers. 

"Just go online, just click a couple of buttons and just get ready to pick it up," he said.

The food truck is now traveling to Fresno and will make stops in Nevada, Idaho and back to home base in Washington.

For more information on the company, Zaycon click here .


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